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Electrical sorption represents a sophisticated advanced technology of desalinating aqueous solutions. Our E-sorp module is equipped with cells with coated electrodes protected by cation and anion membrane and flow channels. Desalination process is based on ion sorption into a porous material and controlled de-sorption of concentrated ions. Our precise DC current injection system into a porous material allows for highest recovery and precisely controlled desalination process between 20-99%. Uniquely for electro-processes we inject current in several modes such as constant quality or constant flow enabling operation of many variables and to target specific output conditions. 

Benefits to Traditional Technologies: 

  • Chemicals: fewer or no chemicals are needed compared to traditional technologies because electrodes are not a physical barrier and that results in fewer propensities to fouling and scaling 

  • Pre-treatment:  membranes do not serve as physical barrier. E-Sorp can operate with higher feed limits compared to traditional technologies so less or no pre-treatment is needed

  • Green technology: E-sorp is chemical free technology, operation in batch mode without regular chemical CIP, lower energy consumption compared to traditional technologies

  • Recovery: recovery booster system allows for 90% recovery 

  • Durability: absence of physical barrier leads to longer life expectancy and less operational issues

  • Plug-and-Play: E-Sorp is plug and play system with literally pushing a button and starting the operation. Each unit is thoroughly factory wet tested and pre-set 

  • Maintenance: E-Sorp consists of fewer parts and can be easily monitored and re-adjusted via remote access. We can perform your maintenance for you anywhere in the world

  • Robust: Esorp is very robust; physical force or badly performed operation or wrong flow adjustments do not easily and necessarily lead to irreparable damages like pressure membrane technologies

Process Water are proud to partner with BKG water treatment in the Czech Republic.

The company BKG - Water Treatment Ltd. was established in 1996, with a focus on the design, production, and delivery of complete water treatment facilities – Processing of drinking water, process water, and wastewater. Water treatment technologies BKG produces are available in a wide range of performance series, with a focus on filtration, desalination, softening, disinfection, treatment of sea and brackish water reverse osmosis, and mobile container units, with an individual unit performance up to 280 m3 / h. BKG deliver the complete water treatment technologies, including design, projection, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and complete service throughout the technology lifetime. BKG are an ISO-certified company (ISO 9001: 2008).

According to your requirements, BKG provide all the parts of the process

  • projection of water treatment technology and plant design (basic design, detail design)

  • actual water treatment plant production – desalination technology, water disinfection, water softening, water filtration ...

  • delivery, assembly, and water treatment technology programming

  • automation and equipment start-up

  • documentation (design and built)

  • necessary maintenance and service of water treatment plants

  • spare parts and operational parts for your water treatment technology

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