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  • Modular structure of the inputs and outputs

  • Up to four sensors and additionally up to four temperature sensors

  • Freely-configurable overviews

  • Difference value measurement (e.g. ΔpH)

  • Graphical display of the deviation from the desired setpoint

  • Up to four reference sets can be configured and loaded via a digital input or time control

  • Service entries and sensor changes can be saved

  • Limit value control (can be used as a DIN contact for partial load operation in accordance with DIN 19643)

  • 1 – 9 potential-free relay outputs

  • Web server and Modbus protocol via Ethernet

  • Trend Display

  • Large color touch-display

  • Data is saved on a USB flash drive

The new multi-channel controller

The TOPAX® MC is Lutz-Jesco GmbH's latest multi-channel controller. Its modular design makes it an adaptable and extremely competent partner for all your measurement and control technology requirements. Whether you need to measure chlorine, the pH value, Redox value, or the pH value four times, the modular design permits any combination.  

The outputs can also be selected freely. For instance, you can actuately dose from a dosing pump via an optocoupler or relay and servomotors via a relay or a 20 mA output.  

The high-resolution 5-inch color display has a user-friendly operating interface. User-friendliness is rounded off with a simple touch control and multi-lingual intuitive menu navigation.  

Free digital outputs can be configured freely. Irrespective of whether they need to switch following measuring water shortage, measuring value exceedance or undercutting or other possible alarm triggers: the configuration is not subject to any limits.  

You can use the four analog outputs (0/4 – 20 mA) or the network capability to transfer the measured values to a web browser or a tele-maintenance point. A settable time interval can be used e.g. to issue an automatic reminder for wear-related sensor changes. You can use the USB interface to save data (e.g. measured values and parameter settings, alarms, messages etc.) on a USB flash drive.  

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