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Disinfection systems

Disinfection system - Re-circulation

Re-circulation is used to maintain a disinfection level, this is normally done by turning over a holding tank to maintain the required disinfection level using measurement probes and controllers to maintain the set point.

Applications include:

  • Post harvest wash down tanks

  • CIP systems

  • Process water

  • Pre irrigation (CLO2)


This process can be controlled by a 7 day time clock or a PLC. For more advanced applications, we offer many options for the re-circulation system including: 

  • Data logging

  • Remote monitoring / control

  • pH control

  • Temp monitoring

  • Conductivity monitoring and control 

  • In tank agitators 

  • Chemical tanks and bunding

Disinfection system - Inline

Inline correction is most commonly used on clean process & potable water, to add disinfection to the water when it is flowing from one destination to the other ie; tank to tap.

Inline disinfection may be used for the following applications:

  • Drinking water disinfection to required level

  • Agriculture dosing for plant health to remove viruses and remove biofilm and other growths

  • Process water reuse to remove bacteria

Inline disinfection systems can be supplied as complete all in one systems ready for connection to excising system. It can also come as a prefabricated pipe that can be installed into system or in component form to be fitted into existing pipework.

  • Data logging

  • Remote monitoring

  • pH monitoring / control

  • Temp monitoring

  • Conductivity monitoring and control 

  • Chemical tanks and bunding

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