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Polymer preparation system

EASYPURE Powder & Liquid

Polymer preparation and dosing station

3-chamber tunnel machine

For clean separation
EASYPURE Powder & Liquid is a fully automatic system

for the continuous preparation of powder and liquid

polymer dosing solutions. The 3-chamber system

largely avoids displacements of the prepared polymer.

Easy to operate
Comfortable operation of the EASYPURE Powder &

Liquid polymer preparation and dosing station using

a control integrated with the control cabinet.

The control is used for configuring the system. The

control cabinet has a display for operation.
The EASYPURE Powder & Liquid polymer preparation

and dosing station can run in manual or automatic

operation. In automatic operation, it works fully

automatically and requires no further settings.

Once the water supply has been established, the system will automatically convey the required amount. The dry material can be provided automatically or manually. If it is provided manually, the feed hopper for the dry material needs to be filled.

A corresponding configuration ensures that a dosing pump automatically removes the finished solution.

• 3-chamber system
• Processing of powder and liquid polymers
• Easy to operate
• Control in the control cabinet
• Multilingual operating display
• Manual and automatic operation
• Fill level monitoring
• Delivery rate up to 10000 l/h

Areas of application
• Waste water and sludge treatment
• Paper manufacture
• Drinking and industrial water treatment
• Sand and gravel treatment
• Brine treatment
• Ore concentration
• Waste water treatment in power stations
• Recycling of process and recirculation systems
• Lot treatment
• Electroplating waste water
• Chemical industry
• Landfill seepage water treatment

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