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  • TOPAX® MC multi-channel controller

  • Measuring cells and measuring cell fittings

  • Sample water filter

  • Flow control

  • Flow controller DFR 45 with sampling water extraction point and installed temperature sensor

  • Inflow and outflow tap

  • Bracket for buffer solutions and buffer solutions for adjusting the measuring cells

  • Multi-colored LEDs

  • Cover

  • The measuring cells are partially packaged separately and not pre-installed.

Reliable and individual

Designed to meet your every need, the EASYPRO system monitors and controls a range of water parameters in your industrial application. The TOPAX® MC multi-channel controller installed in the EASYPRO subjects the water parameters to constant measurement, keeping them within the target range. It enables you to control a large number of actuators and permits easy and intuitive operation. The multi-coloured LEDs provide an optical warning if the water parameters leave the target range. Automatic continuous recording of the water parameters for simple diagnosis.  

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