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For non-viscous acids & alkalies


Lutz Pump Sets make purchasing a drum pump easier, as all the necessary components and accessories are included complete in the package. Pump set #1 consists of a Lutz B2 Vario pump set, complete with 1.5 meters of discharge hose, a polypropylene trigger nozzle, and a wall bracket for storage. Enjoy maximum control over your application with the B2 Varios infinitely adjustable variable speed drive. This pump set is available in 500, 700, and 1000mm pump tube lengths in order to cater to a wide range of containers and drums.




Common Applications

  • Battery Acid
  • Ammonia solutions
  • Photographic developing chemicals
  • Glycols
  • Hydrochloric & Phosphoric acid
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Lutz Pump - B2 Vario Polypropylene

PriceFrom $1,225.00
Excluding GST
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