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Electromagnetic flow meters are flexible and universally applicable flow measurement systems. It is a velocity flow meter with no moving parts and is ideal for conductive fluid.



- Waster industry

- Chemical industry

- Metal & mining industry

- Water industry

- Pulp & paper industry

- Food & beverage industry



All magflo's come with the below configuration:


- Local display

- Hastelloy C electrode

- 4-20mA & Pulse output

- PTFE lining 

- 24VDC power supply

- Modbus RS485 communication

- Painted carbon steel housing 



Most items ship within 2-4 days, sizes smaller than DN25 and larger than DN50 usually ship in 2-4 weeks. At all times 2-4 weeks should be allowed to avoid disappointment, please contact us if the product is required urgently.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

PriceFrom $1,741.80
Excluding GST
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