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  • Australian well water often contains high level of dissolved solids which make the water not suitable for agricultural applications. Mostly affected in negative way is irrigation of fruits, vegetables, crops but also water for animal supply. High dissolved solids make no use of the water even though it is right there where it could be of a great benefit for farmers, growers, industries and homes.

  • Australian well water also contains high level of suspended solids which lower significantly the efficiency and life expectancy of traditional water treatment.

  • Usage of city water accounts for high operational cost. Proper and efficient water treatment for existing well water will lower significantly the operational cost of farmers and businesses where it needs to be applied.

  • Well water contains additionally high level of microbiological contamination, silt and organics which are completely and efficiently removed.



  • Highest quality of desalinated water in the range of potable water.

  • Complete removal of microbiological substances and organics.

  • Using existing natural water resources on-site; much less OPEX.

  • Unique pre-treatment offers long lasting life time of the desalination membrane.

  • Membrane replacement friendly pricing.

  • Two unique technologies combined within one framed unit.

  • Ultrafiltration provides perfect barrier to suspended solids and bacteria to pass through

  • High quality two staged desalination technology to produce fresh water efficiently with high life expectancy




  • Pre-treatment of Ultrafiltration prior to desalination membrane offers highest quality of feed water to reverse osmosis membrane leading to higher efficiency and to longer life expectancy of the RO membrane.

  • Professional technology used in high-tech industries applied within small point-of-use application.

  • Pre-treatment using very small amount of waste water; during operation no waste water.

  • Professional control unit with touch panel and internet connectivity for remote access in case of trouble shooting.

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