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Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

MINICHLORGEN sodium hypochlorite systems provide an on-demand supply of <1.0 % sodium hypochlorite solution, generated through the electrolysis of diluted brine solution. Generated in close proximity to the process, the direct storage and dosing of sodium hypochlorite rules out accidental spillage of the sodium hypochlorite and contract with the operating personnel.

  • MINICHLORGEN models are available for 30, 60, and 90 g/h chlorine capacity

  • Robust and attractive plastic cover

  • Vivid LED illumination from the electrolytic chamber offers a presence of the chlorine generation process and at the same time indicates through simple LED color change the current operational status of the process

  • Easy to operate membrane keypad multi-lingual control panel & OLED display with green, amber and red LED operational status indicators

  • Operational parameters displayed and code protected programming

  • Alarm event log with real-time clock recording

  • Volumetric flow measurement of water and brine for consistent high-efficiency electrolysis

  • Safe operation by ambient air monitoring from a hydrogen detector

  • Remote transfer of the fault message, data logging & RS485 options

  • MINICHLORGEN is supplied with fixings for wall mounting, a product tank level switch kit, and brine suction assembly


The MINICHLORGEN is a system for the "in situ” production of the biocide active agent “active chlorine produced from sodium chloride via electrolysis“. In accordance with the biocide ordinance, as of 01/09/2015, the member states of the European Union may only use precursors for biocidal active agents produced "in situ" and which are used as disinfectants. These precursors must satisfy the quality requirements made of these substances by DIN EN and be sourced from a manufacturer or supplier listed in accordance with article 95 of the biocide ordinance. Please ask your supplier to confirm conformity with the biocide ordinance (certificate).

Biocidal active agent: Active chlorine produced from sodium chloride via electrolysis ;

Precursors: Sodium chloride EC no. 231-598-3; CAS no. 7647-15-5; Special salt for electrolytic cells DIN EN 16401 and 14805

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