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Lutz Pump Sets


A quick solution for many applications


  • Fast assembly

  • Only few simple operations required

  • Immediately ready for use


Lutz pump sets save time and money. The annoying search for the ideal pump with suitable accessories has come to an end. Lutz is now offering you a choice of different pump sets and as an optional extra, the pumps can be combined with a flow meter, for the complete package. Thus, ordering is simple and you save time for the essential things.









































Advantages at a glance:

  • Ideally harmonized with the liquid being pumped

  • Fast assembly

  • Immediately ready for action

  • Ideal for pumping and filling thin-bodied liquids

  • Different pump sets for selection

  • For emptying of canisters, drums and containers

Already pre-assembled

Immediately ready for action. Just delivered, you can start with the new pump sets from Lutz to empty thin-bodied liquids from canisters, drums and containers. We have made preparatory work saving your time. Ideal combination whether acids or alkalis, light or concentrated, mineral oil products, hazardous fluids or solvents: Lutz offers the ideal solution for all these applications.

pump set alkalis.PNG
pump set strong acid and alkalis.PNG
pumps set acid.PNG
tube sizes.jpg
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