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The perfect solution for portable applications


B1 Battery 

The Lutz B1 rechargeable pump constructed from polypropylene is ideal for laboratory and similar environments where manual handling of fluids is not desired. Lightweight and very portable this pump reduce the risk of spilling potentially harmful fluids, while also reducing strain manually moving liquids by staff. The new brushless DC motor is fitted with a speed controller for an easy flow controller and the removable battery keeps you operating at all times.

B2 Battery 

The new Lutz B2 Battery drum pump range heralds a revolution for operators requiring a safe, portable, and efficient means of transferring chemicals from drums and smaller containers. Fitted with a high-efficiency brushless DC motor the Lutz B2 Battery pump can decant over 12 200 liter containers on a single charge (34 minutes operating time at maximum speed). All while maintaining maximum portability and ensuring the highest levels of safety for operators.

Pump Features B1
Impeller type:(R) High flow
Flows to 20 litres/min
Delivery head to 8 metres
Seal-less (SL) design
500, 700, & 1000mm lengths available
Pump Features B2
Polypropylene, PVDF, & Stainless Steel models
Impeller type:(R) High flow or (L) High head
Flows to 80 litres/min
Delivery head to 12 metres
Seal-less (SL) design
Interchangeable Battery
500, 700, & 1000mm lengths available

Your choice of pump

Available in polypropylene, PVDF (Kynar®), and Stainless Steel construction the Lutz B2 Battery series of pumps cater to a wide range of applications, from acids & alkaloids to AdBlue® and other DEF solutions. Team this pump with a Lutz flow meter and achieve full control of your pumping application. The B2 Battery range is available in 500, 700, and 1000mm lengths to suit a wide range of containers both big and small.

The complete package

Each B2 Battery pump kit comes complete with a 1.5 meter chemically resistant discharge hose, a trigger nozzle, and wall bracket for storage. No need to organize hoses and fittings with your pump, it's ready to start pumping straight out of the box. The Seal-less design allows for limited dry running, and further enhances the chemical resistance of the pump.

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